7 Essential Tools Needed by Every Electrician

24 February 2022

Electrical systems will never work effectively if they are not assessed, maintained, and serviced by electricians. Electricians are professionals who install and repair electrical wiring, fixtures, circuit breakers, and any other components related to electrical systems. All the services they conduct and do are ensured to comply with electrical codes and standards set by the authorities.

Electricians may have all the knowledge and experience in conducting installation and repairs. But if they are not equipped with complete tools for their jobs, then they might end up requiring more time just to finish their jobs. Worse, the electrical systems may possess some issues due to a lack of essential tools.

To ensure that electricians can do their jobs effectively, here are some tools that they need to possess.

  1. Pliers

One of the tools they need to conduct their jobs well is pliers. Pliers can generally help in cutting, bending, or straightening wires. Some types of pliers, however, can also help in holding small fasteners, recovering dropped items in small spaces or on the floor, and tightening caps, fittings, and locknuts.

  1. Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are tools that can also help electricians conduct their works efficiently. They are often maximised by professionals in loosening and fastening various pieces of electrical hardware. Some models of screwdrivers are already capable of maximising different bits, making them capable of handling different types of fastener heads such as slotted, square, Phillips heads.

  1. Tape Measure

A tape measure is another tool that electricians can take advantage of. Electricians have to know the exact measurements of the products that they will be cutting or stripping. Fortunately, they can now choose from various types of tape measures to make their jobs easier.

  1. Electrical Tape

An electrical tape is an adhesive material that intends to shield wires or other electrical components. Once applied, it can prevent the electrical current of the electrical components from passing into others. It can likewise deter people from touching live wires.

  1. Voltage Tester

A voltage tester is a device that can test the outlets for power. Once they have confirmed that the outlets have no power, electricians can proceed with the installation and repair works. Afterwards, they would maximise the voltage tester again to see if the outlets have power again. Electricians, however, can use a multimeter if they want to check not only the voltage of the electrical system components but also their resistance and current.

  1. Cable Ties

Cable ties or zip ties are fasteners that professionals use in grouping electrical cables or wires together. These fasteners are primarily used to keep everything organised.

  1. Power Drill

When installing new lighting fixtures and accessing electrical components, electricians would have to utilise a power drill in conducting these activities. With a power drill, they can utilise a specialty bit so it can infiltrate specific parts of a property like concrete walls.

There are a lot more tools that can be maximised by electricians. To acquire these tools, you can call us at Titan Trading. We sell everything that an electrician requires to service their customers within all sectors covering industrial, commercial & domestic supply.

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