NHP RCBO New Release: The Importance of Upgrading Circuit Breakers

07 June 2022

Most devices, tools, and light fixtures inside a property can only run once electrical power is present. And to ensure that they obtain their needed power, a building must be equipped with an electrical system.

What makes a property electrical system beneficial for properties is it is comprised of components that can distribute electrical power throughout the property. But for the system to remain safe, it must be fitted with a circuit breaker. A circuit breaker is an electrical safety device that can protect electrical circuits from short circuits or overcurrent damage.

As the circuit breaker interrupts the current flow, it can subsequently protect equipment from being damaged. It can also prevent the risk of a property fire. Upon interrupting the current flow, the circuit breaker can be reset automatically or manually to resume its operation.

Choosing Circuit Breakers over Fuses

One alternative to circuit breakers is the fuse. Fuses are comprised of metal pieces that melt once significant power passes through them. As they melt, they can disrupt the current flow, preventing power surges from reaching various parts of the property. But one major downside of fuses is they tend to work only once. They need to be replaced immediately before restoring the connection.

Circuit breakers, therefore, are preferred by the majority of property owners as they can provide consistent performance and extended protection. They can also enhance safety and cost savings.

Circuit Breaker Upgrade is Necessary

Despite the longevity of circuit breakers, some may require to be upgraded, especially if they do not function properly anymore. A circuit breaker upgrade is also needed if they are too hot to touch, produce a burning smell, or manifest some visual damage. And for improved safety, circuit breaker upgrades can be conducted to attain features that can further protect properties from electrical-related risks.

We, at Titan Trading, offer new models of Residual Current Circuit Breakers or RCBOs from NHP, a reputable manufacturer of electrical system products and many more. Three models of RCBOs that we currently offer right now are M6RCBT1030A, M6RCBT1630A, and M6RCBT2030A.

These models all comply with AS/NZS 61009. They also feature a 6kA short circuit rating, C-Curve for general light, power, and motor starting applications, compact 3P width space-saving, neutral pigtail saving cable and installation time, pad-lockable and sealable toggle, free tripping mechanism, fast connection pin/fork busbar comb, and RCM approval.

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