Why Should Electricians Use Insulated Hand Tools?

27 April 2022

When issues arise with electrical systems, property owners should hire experts who are skilled and experienced in handling them. After all, resolving them on their own can be a serious risk, especially if they have accidentally touched live components.

What makes electricians qualified in servicing electrical systems and their components is they have all the experience necessary to handle these jobs. They have also been trained by experts in the field, ensuring that they can conduct their duties without any failures. One more thing that makes them great for servicing electrical systems is they have all the tools needed in installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical components, wirings, and other crucial elements.

Common Tools Used by Electricians

Electricians conducting their services right are expected to utilise the correct tools.

For instance, electricians must use wire strippers to remove any insulating outer sheath from the cables. Screwdrivers, alternatively, are utilised to access containers and other components that have been sealed with screws. Pliers are also used by electricians in gripping small objects and cutting wires.

Aside from these tools, electricians also maximise hacksaws so they can cut through metal components. Cable cutters, as their name implies, are likewise utilised by these professionals in cutting various types of wires and cables. Other tools that electricians use include electrical tape, spanners, voltage tester, knives, claw hammers, chisels, torches, and electric drills.

Ensuring Safety with Insulated Tools

While all the previously stated tools can help electricians conduct their jobs effectively, some of them must be insulated properly. Insulated tools are necessary for electricians as they are often exposed to live wirings and electrical components. With these tools, electricians can be protected from electrical shock and arcing. These tools can also protect any equipment and device that are being serviced. Failure to use these tools may only result in injuries not only to the electricians but also to other people nearby. It can likewise lead to the failure of equipment pieces and electrical systems.

One misconception about these tools, however, is that they can already protect electricians as long as they utilise rubber or coated handles. Without following the requirements for producing insulated tools, they could still harm people who are using them.

Primary Qualities of Insulated Tools

Insulated tools can certainly protect electricians and other people from harm and injuries if they can prevent them from experiencing electrical shock up to 1,000 V AC and 1,500 V DC. These tools can achieve this specific quality once their parts are designed to not be able to conduct electricity whenever the voltage reaches the given figures. Their parts must also be resistant to flames and extreme temperatures. Insulated tools should likewise have a guard rail, which prevents electricians from touching the tools’ exposed metal parts.

If you want to ensure that your electricians will be safe, you must acquire the right insulated tools. Contact us at Titan Trading for you to access high-quality electrical tools.

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